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.BINARY FLOWER ZJ-014  -  1-1.2  x 12-15  m - (4mm) (THK.)

(ZJ - 014) NANO GREY

Color: Nano Grey


    • Suitable for heavy traffic areas;
    • Excellent Wear resistance: ultra long life;
    • Environmental friendly and healthy: Low VOC for better indoor air qulity;
    • Resistance to cigarette;
    • Excellent fire behaviour (class B1);
    • Good elasticity: less residual indentation, comfortable foot feeling;
    • Shock absorption and less noise: reduce the step noise and risk of hurting by falling over;
    • Anti-slip (R9);
    • Wheelchair and forklift truck suitable;
    • Finished with special coating, to enhance the anti-scratch and stain resistance performance.


    Recommended Application:

    • Public buildings
    • Heavy traffic areas (airports, trains, stations...etc.)
    • Museums
    • Offices
    • Hospitals
    • Libraries
    • Industrials
    • Health care centres
    • Repairing centres

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