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Palettone - enables you to bring a unique style and elegance to any commercial environment. Available in sheet in a palette of 50 contemporary colours, ranging from pale neutrals to more intense shades, and features a solid colour base with complementary toned highlights. 


Each shade of this range has its own unique NCS reference for use as a guide whilst exploring bespoke design schemes.

features a high quality, cross-linked polyurethane reinforcement, UV cured to provide a low-cost polish free maintenance regime for the lifetime of the flooring.

Demonstrate outstanding durability and abrasion resistance. Palettone PUR achieves the highest abrasion wear rating Group T (EN 660 Part 2), EN ISO 10581 Type I.

Achieves a Generic A+ rating in major sectors such as health, education and retail.

100% recyclable and contains 25% recycled material. Ideally suited for heavy traffic areas, Palettone PUR is recommended for use throughout commercial interiors, healthcare and education facilities, as well as retail outlets.




18 種色調針對癡呆症友善設計方案中的規格進行了優化統一的外觀和啞光錶面光潔度;

採用 Polysafe PUR 增強,可維持最佳外觀;


Fully tested to EN 13501-1 in respect of flamespread;

For slip resistance, classified DS to EN 13893, R10 slip resistance;









Polysafe Verona PUR  2 x 20m - (2mm)() - R10 / 36+ 

-  產品選擇範圍  -

-  安裝注意  -

.固體基材的相對濕度不得超過 75%,除非另有說明,例如 Polysafe QuickLay

.安裝Polyflor彈性地板時,必須塗抹至少 3